Hi Rachael and staff,

Thank you for your follow up call yesterday to see how Cesar and Cleo are.   I really appreciate the care they were given and that they were happy and well looked after.

It was lovely to know while I was away from them that they had a nice room and were secure.     Thank you also for the great photo as I never get a photo of them awake as they are always asleep and on their backs.    See photo attached.

Thank you for giving them a bath before we came to pick them up, as they now have a lovely soft coat.     Can you let me know what type of shampoo and conditioner you use?

They did have the first day home of their bowel motions were a bit runny.   But they were still happy and were eating really well.

To sum it all up onto one they will definitely be coming back any time that we go away again.    I would and have already recommended to all my friends that have animals where the best place to leave them is they are going away.

Thank you to yourselves and all your staff for looking after us (from Cesar and Cleo)