Sorry I haven’t returned your call, I have gone back to work straight after we came back from our trip and didn’t get the chance to thank you.
Beaty and Bubalina had the BEST TIME at Barkroyal. And thank you so much for the photo as well hahahaha it was hilarious to see both of them in one photo posing perfectly! I can never do that!! The dogs have been great, cheerful and playfull even as soon as Gerard picked them up on Tuesday morning. We will be definitely be using Barkroyal from now on and will be reccomending it to everyone we know!!  They came back totally normal, clean and happy xx.

Last time they had to go to another one, and because it was last minute at Christmas time, it was the worst and most shocking time for them. I remember they came home all scared, agressive and quiet. I actually suspected that, they must have had 3-4 random dogs in each kennel, because they told me they had so many dogs coming in -in just one day, but it didn’t seem to me that they even had any more room for anymore from when they were showing me around the kennel area. They smelt funny and would not even let me toutch them for weeks. I also remember as soon as they got home they drank LITRES of water and ate everything they could find. And later on found out that during Christmas the old couple that runs the kennel had hospital dramas, which immplemented that no one was looking after any dogs for at least 3 days. After trying for weeks to get them to be normal again, I was really scared to take them to kennels ever again. But I have heard the best feedback from you guys and you look totally professional and the Kennel resort looks amazing and “true”, and you have re-built my confidence again to know that my dogs are getting looked after and treated very well. So thank you very very much for looking after them and playing with them. They looked so happy and they were so excited! Now they are double energetic and I cannot handle it hahha.

Thank you once again, and I will  definitely be booking them in again for our next holiday xx I might even spoil them and get them the delux room next time haha xx


Fotini and Gerard